Herrreshoff Tender

In 2014, Pendleton Yacht was commissioned to build a Herreshoff tender for a New York 40′.  After obtaining plans and a right-to-build from the Herreshoff Archives at MIT, PYY began construction on Lee-Lee, a tender for the New York 40’ MARILEE. 

Between 1916 and 1926, Nat Herreshoff built fourteen NY40’s, with a matching tender for each.  These boats varied in length and shape according to owner preferences, with one even fitted with a sailing rig.  All offsets were written in a notebook, with the various alterations and corresponding measurements hand-written in the margins. PYY’s shipwright, Christian Zimmerman, parsed through the many pages of offsets and notes, and built the boat from the ground up, maintaining the historically significant details of original design and construction.