Dark Harbor 20 Bar

In 2015, Pendleton Yacht Yard was contacted by a rum distillery in Ipswitch, Massachusetts looking to make a custom bar for a tasting room.  The thought was to transform a wooden hull into the centerpiece of the facility where the bartender could serve drinks over the rail from inside the cockpit.

As it so happened, we had just refit a 1935 wooden Dark Harbor 20 (#10) with a new fibergalss hull and deck and had the wooden hull in storage.  While the hull was old, its beautiful lines were still intact and the perfect hull for the job.

We first stripped and splined the hull to make it rigid.  The hull was then cut open and a platform/cradle was constructed to support the hull.  The opening was framed up and the interior edge was finished with the same arc as the toe rail.  The deck was faired and a new layer of dynel was applied.  The boat was completely refinished with new paint and varnish and then transported by trailer to Massachusetts.