Quicksilver Repower

2016 complete refit of US Coast Guard Inspected passenger vessel “Quicksilver” under the Maine Clean Diesel program.  The old Isuzu inboard was replaced with a new Cummins QSB 6.7.  The boat was completely rewired and a remote battery switch was installed.  We installed a new dash to accommodate the new gauge cluster and breakers.  The […]

Dark Harbor 20 Bar

In 2015, Pendleton Yacht Yard was contacted by a rum distillery in Ipswitch, Massachusetts looking to make a custom bar for a tasting room.  The thought was to transform a wooden hull into the centerpiece of the facility where the bartender could serve drinks over the rail from inside the cockpit. As it so happened, we had […]

Herrreshoff Tender

In 2014, Pendleton Yacht was commissioned to build a Herreshoff tender for a New York 40′.  After obtaining plans and a right-to-build from the Herreshoff Archives at MIT, PYY began construction on Lee-Lee, a tender for the New York 40’ MARILEE.  Between 1916 and 1926, Nat Herreshoff built fourteen NY40’s, with a matching tender for each. […]

Dark Harbor 20

The Dark Harbor 20, design No. 68 by Sparkman & Stephens, has been a fixture of midcoast Maine since the 1930s. Twenty-one sailboats were originally built from 1935-1942. Of those, 19 still sail today, the majority seen in the summers racing around the waters of Gilkey Harbor and Islesboro, Maine. At Pendleton Yacht Yard, we […]

Mackenzie Cuttyhunk

PYY has done extensive restoration to this classic wooden boat, from replacing topside planks and replacing and strengthening the bottom.

Bunker and Ellis Picnic Boats

During the golden age of yachting, it was common for executives from Boston and New York to commute to their summer homes along the New England coast in moderate-sized, high performance powerboats. Renowned boat builders Raymond Bunker and Ralph Ellis raised thir craft to an art and became famous for building such vessels using traditional wood […]

Herreshoff 12-1/2

The 12 1/2 was originally built as a training boat for the children of sailors in Buzzards Bay Massachusetts. Its heavy keel and relative beam made the model an apt boat for the task of beating into the steep chop of the bay. Most 12 1/2s constructed today are made of fiberglass, but Pendleton Yacht […]

New York 40

One of four Nathaniel Herreshof’s New York Yacht Club’s 40, Marilee was dismasted and a new mast was built at Pendleton Yacht Yard.

Holland 32

Take a Holland 32 lobsterboat hull, gelcoat it a stylish shade of green, add a deck layout, cockpit design, and interior detailing by Mark Fitzgerald of Chuck Paine’s offices in Camden, and put it all together at Pendleton Yacht Yard on Islesboro. The result? A fine-looking downeast-style lobster-yacht – perfect for that drive across the […]

Gower Lobster Yacht

Few boats have had a life as lucky as has the Lindsay D. Born of a pedigree generations old, the Gower-built beauty represents the pinnacle of wooden lobsterboat construction. A working boat, its lines were never analyzed by marketing directors or agonized over by naval architects. Its intrinsic beauty is the result of common sense: […]