Water Taxi / Charter

From water taxi service on Quicksilver or large materials transport on our landing craft to our staffing and crew services with Coast Guard licensed captains, Pendleton Yacht Yard has the capability to deliver.


Quicksilver is PYY’s water shuttle providing service to Penobscot Bay and the Islands, specifically Islesboro. We run daily trips to/from Islesboro and Lincolnville Beach, and are available for charter, sightseeing cruises, picnics, and transportation to the surrounding area.  We are also certified to run hazardous materials.

Little Dipper

Little Dipper is a Calvin Beale 36, built-out to Coast Guard specs to carry passengers and work crews on Penobscot Bay. Little Dipper is equipped to take sixteen passengers to and from any destination in the bay in warmth, safety and comfort. Used largely as a crew boat for work crews commuting to the remote […]

Sunset Destroyer

Sunset Destroyer  is PYY’s landing craft. She was built for the Navy during the Vietnam War era and boasts twin 671 Detroit Diesels, a 30 ton payload and a bullet-proof wheel house, should the need arise. She can carry a truck loaded with supplies to one of Penobscot Bay’s remote islands, she has a picking […]