Since the 1930s, the Dark Harbor 20' has been a fixture of Penobscot bay.  She was designed at the request of the Tarratine Yacht Club, and originally built by Lawley and Sons in Neposet, Massachusetts. Whether she’s out on a day sail or racing down Bracket’s Channel, her long overhangs and sleek lines are unmistakable.

Pendleton Yacht Yard is proud to announce that we have begun building fiberglass Dark Harbor 20s. These fiberglass boats have been precisely designed and engineered to perform exactly as their wooden counterparts and can race with the existing fleet on an equal basis.

We are currently refitting an old wooden 20' (DH#10) with a fiberglass hull, see pictures left. Please call or email with inquiries for wooden or fiberglass 20s, or stop by to see the finished product this spring!